Saturday 29 October 2011


Hahaha, the last picture wasn’t meant to be so blurry but it actually turned out looking pretty sweet!
Pink: Models Own, Pink Punch
White: no brand :/
Black: Natural Collection liquid eyeliner
Top coat: Natural Collection, Crystal Clear
OK so I have spent the last few weeks trying out all different kinds of Halloween nail designs & trying to do something a little different than the ‘usual’ pumpkin/blood dripping/spider web nails that normally fill up blog & YT feeds around this time of year. I finally decided on these beauts & they were surprisingly easy to do too! :)

I am actually gutted that we are not home for Halloween this year because they don’t really do much here to celebrate at all & if you know me, you will know that Halloween is one of my (& Liams) favourite ‘holidays’ so we are pretty jealous of all you guys at home who get to celebrate properly. My Mum has apparently rented a gothic vampire costume to wear to a fancy dress that she is going to with the rest of my family which sounds pretty awesome, I can’t wait to see the pictures!

On the plus side, I did get to draw a couple of Halloween worksheets for Liam to use in his lessons at school which was fun, & we managed to find a pumpkin to carve (even if it is the smallest one in the world) so I guess it’s not all bad. ;)

It would be great if you could send me your links to any Halloween posts you have done, as you know, I have pretty much been out of the blogging ‘loop’ for frick knows how long (WAH) & I would love to read some of your ‘Halloween’ shizzle!

PS: Would someone be kind enough to buy & send me the Primark black leather pleated skirt? (You know the one I mean? in a size 8) obvs I'd send you the money & pay for postage :) & I will give a months free advertising to the sender as a thankyou :) I am in desperate need of a leather skirt in my life & the Primark here is a million miles away WAH!!! :)
Speak soon <3