Tuesday 22 May 2012

‘As Bad As I Guana Be’ nails…

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Did your head just explode after seeing all those prints?! Amazing aren’t they?! I think you will find the answer to both of those questions is YES! Emma Mulholland has done it again, only this time, with lizards. Keeping with the Aussie theme, it’s surfer, meets basketball meets, reptile with this collection. I love the tie dye, the mesh, the sporty theme, the sequins, the everything! I still can’t decide which print I like the most Gila or Iguana? & How awesome is it that all the pieces look so wearable & interchangeable?! I can just imagine wearing the Iguana swimsuit when me & the boy go on our surfing trip this summer & I need to get my hands on one of those caps! I can’t wait for this collection to hit the store!

When Emma got in touch with me after she saw my ‘tropical rebel’ nails I was ecstatic! & when she asked me to paint up some more nails for ‘As Bas As I Guana Be’ I literally fell off my chair, I read her email through at least five times just to make sure it was real ahahha! Anyway, these are the nails I came up with in the end, one wheel for the iguanas & one for the gila monsters, what do you think? Even though they didn’t make it to Aus in time to be shot in her lookbook & short fashion film, which was showcased at the Grand Social as part of Sydney fashion week, in the end (gutted isn’t the word >.< damn air mail) I am still proud to have been given the awesome opportunity to work with such a fab designer. Seriously Emma, you are amazingly talented, keep up the awesome work!

See the whole lookbook here>link
& behind the scenes photos here>link (& spy Emma wearing her tropical rebel great white skirt!)
I can’t wait to see the promo pics!

If you are too impatient to wait for the collection to hit the store, you can get your iguana print fix here>link & bag yourself this sweet wallet for an amazing $15!

Designer: Emma Mulholland
Photography: Byron Spencer
Models: Ollie Henderson & Elliot Serjeant
(check them out, they are all crazy cool!)


  1. Oh they are amazing, i honestly think your the best at doing nail art. I love the orange against the black,


  2. OMG! they are amazing......love the colours, love the patterns and most of all LOVE the lizards....such an amazing post! massive skillz x

  3. Absolutely amazing! I want some! X

  4. These are completely amazing!! You are so talented :) You should start selling nail art, just an idea ;) xx

  5. Gorgeous! I love the green ones!

  6. Gosh they are so awesome. You're so talented to be able to capture the clothes on nails like that :)

    http://safiya-marie.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  7. Wow those are amazing Heather! I wish I had your skills!

  8. They are so good! What a great opportunity for you!

    joanne from jimmilou.com