Saturday 7 July 2012

Rusted from the rain…

Sugarlips dress 3sugarlips dress 1diy head piece1sugar lips dresshead piece diy9diy headpiece
Aztec dress*: Sugarlips
Head piece: DIY
Boots*: OASAP
Bracelet & necklace: House of Harlow

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Sugarlips were kind enough to send me this amazing aztec dress the other week. I kind of thought I was getting over my aztec obsession that started about this time last year (remember when I went crazy & bought two navajo capes off ASOS & had aztec nails all the time?) but it seems that this dress (& this top) made me realise that I still have a huge love navajo/aztec prints. I especially love the colours of this dress, although, anything purple is a winner in my eyes!

Now about the head piece. After seeing Isha wearing one she bought in London, I had to try & DIY one for myself so I jumped straight on ebay & bought myself some beading wire. After waiting like a crazy lady at the letter box every day patiently for it to arrive in the post for about a year 3 days, I immediately started bending the wire in to the shape I wanted…

probably THE crappiest instructions in the world but hey, it’s better than nothing ;)
What you’ll need:

Beading wire (I bought mine from here>link they have looooads of colours to choose from)
Your hands
20-30 minutes of your life

[1] I started by making the teardrop shape just by bending & twisting the wire into shape until I was happy with it.

I then measured another piece of wire around my head & threaded it through the top of the teardrop & fixed it at the back so it was completely circular.

Next, I measured the top of my head with yet another piece of wire, then attached it at the back of the wire that fits around my head & through the teardrop.

Once all the wire pieces were secure, I then superglued a few nail rhinestones to the teardrop & when it was dry (wait at least 3 hours for the super glue to dry, you don’t want that shizz stuck in your hair!) I trotted around Pamplona with it on my head pretending I was some sort of princess, like you do ;) (A girl can dream!)

If you aren’t into DIY/cba making your own, you can always check out Ishas new shop>link she has a couple up for sale at the moment so if you want one, get in there quick!
ps: Thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterdays post, it really does mean so much that so many of you said you will be signing the petition, you are all awesome, thank you! xx


  1. You look lovely, the head piece is so cute and the colours in the dress are really pretty xx

  2. That dress is beautiful! As is the headband, will be checking them out xx


  3. I signed the petition you blogged about in your last post :) And I really like the head piece, I might just have to have a go at making my own :)


  4. this is amazing, you look stunning and the head piece is beautiful!! XX

  5. Oh that headpiece is absolutely sensational! Talented lady!

    Emily Wears Things

  6. Gorgeous dress, looks lovely on you!

    Jessie xx

  7. Stunning headpiece!

    Emma x

  8. Love the print of your dress, and the diy headpiece looks fab! And the shoes...basically want this whole outfit haha :)


  9. I love your dress and your so clever making that headpiece, I thought you'd brought it from a boutique.

    Jo. x

  10. I love your hair, it's such an unusual colour.

    If you love aztec print check out the post I did this week, all indie UK shops and designers as well - http://blog.secretcarousel.co.uk/2012/07/walk-like-aztec.html

    Julia x
    Carousel Secrets

  11. you look gorgeous! thank you for the link!!

  12. Adorable! I really like your blog. And your hair! :)


  13. Adore your headpiece, you look so chic. That romper is awesome as well.

  14. gorgeoussss and awesome blog!

    Laura x