Monday 10 September 2012

ASOS Style Challenge: Houndsooth Peplum Jacket

I was contacted by the lovely people at ASOS a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to take part in their style challenge, which would basically consist of me & another blogger (the lovely Victoria) to each style the same A/W item, that isn't necessarily our 'normal' style, in five different ways.

My first thoughts when I saw the jacket was I love it, but will the colour clash with my hair & is it too girly? As you have probably noticed, I very rarely wear pink, but I do love a good print & I had wanted to try out the whole peplum trend for quite a while so I accepted! You can see all my final 'looks' here>link (& on asos.com :O) & I will be posting all the individual outfits as outfit posts too so you can see them in more detail etc.

The jacket it's self is a really great material, it's 70% Viscose, 27% Nylon & 3% Elastine so the jacket keeps it's tailored shape & fit but it's still stretchy so it's really comfortable! I really love the pink & red houndstooth print & I can safely say that I am a peplum fan now! It's such a flattering shape! Also if  you like the print & style but jackets aren't really your thang~ you will be happy to hear that it also comes in a form of a skirt which you can see here>link

Anyway, watch this space as you will be seeing a fair bit of this beauty over the next few weeks ;)

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  1. I love the way you styled this jacket - it could of been a tough one but you've pulled it off beautifully!

  2. Love Pics 1 & 3 most. Love the different options you've given people xoxo

  3. I never would've thought to wear this with a pair of shorts but you pull it off so well! You should wear pink more often xx

  4. I love the different ways you've styled this:)


  5. Wow, I literally would have had no idea what to do with that jacket and would probably have left it in some dark corner somewhere kind of regretting it, but you make it look awesome. Maybe I should go and dig out some of my misinformed purchases again...

    Julia x