Friday 21 September 2012

Craving #8...

wishlist #8
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Oooh, quite a large 'wishlist' this week. Why is it that you see loads of things that you want to buy when you have no money AT ALL >.< I have fallen so hard for this Drop Dead cat vest, it's just waaaay too amazing. & how cool is the Paul & Joe cat face lipstick holder?! Such a fab idea! Totally unnecessary but fab none the less. The sunglasses are from ebay, they have been in my wishlist for months but I have never got round to buying them, I think they look awesome, oversized but kind of catty, they are deffo going to be my next sunglasses purchase! I have such a love hate relationship with disco pants, I think they look great, but then, everyone & their mum, dog, grandma (ok maybe a little exaggeration but you get my drift) has them so it kind of puts me off buying any, especially the overpriced AA ones, these Glamorous UK ones may have to be purchased though, £29.99 & 4 colours to choose from, a great alternative & much cheaper than the ones from American Apparel.

As always, just click the numbers above to go straight to the products! ;)


  1. everything's so lovely! I adore the shoes! <3

  2. I have the girls tee version of the Drop Dead vest and it's one of my favourite tops that I own! It's oversized but really comfy, plus it gets loads of compliments. There's so much Drop Dead stuff that I want at the moment! I think I'm going to get the Jurassic Park vest next :)

  3. Good god, that cat top is incredible. Oh, to have money!

    Emily Wears Things

  4. Totally in love with the cat vest and the lipstick holder! Too cute! :)


  5. Love your looks. Love your DIYs. Love your blog.