Sunday 1 April 2012

Rainbow Brite…

Rainbow jumper*: She Inside
Shorts: coco boo
Cycle shorts: DIY
Fringe bag*: Frank Boutique
Vans authentics

Oh hai again belly! I can’t believe I have flashed the flesh three outfits in a row. Apparently, tucking my tops under my bra to make a crop is my new fave. Weird, I know. I also have no idea why my legs are a completely different colour to the rest of my body, probs something to do with my bad circulation. Fear not though! I made a cheeky purchase from feel unique the other day & bought my old favourite Garnier gradual tan so hopefully that will even me out a bit ;)

She Inside’ were lovely enough to send me this awesome jumper. I love how slouchy it is & the fact that it’s so easy to wear, even though it’s rainbow coloured, it just seems to go with everything! You can see the full length of the jumper here. ‘She Inside’ have some really nice pieces at the moment so I would definitely recommend you checking them out!

For all of you that have been asking. My cat nails are still going strong! The longevity of these babies is amazing! I really can’t wait to try out all of the other designs I bought. Let me know in the comments which design you would most like to see next I will post about them asap! In the mean time, I have another ‘inspired by’ nails post for you tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Gorgeous jumper, I love the colours. The bag is great too, I can't get enough of fringing right now (:

  2. Do you dye your hair yourself? What shade, brand?

  3. Lovely jumper! So jealous of your tummy XD

  4. You pull every outfit off effortlessly, love it!


  5. u look nice i love that top and the top tucked under your bra is a good look it reminds me of the way 80s dancers used to dress ''flash dance'' :)

  6. Such a great outfit, you look so lovely and effortless. I love that jumper! I'm eyeing up those nail decals so much at the moment, I want the toad ones.

  7. i love that bag!:)
    you always have great outfits!:)

  8. You look really awesome as always :) The jumper is gorgeous!

  9. The rainbow jumper really compliments your hair! :)


  10. That jumper is amazing! And you're right, it looks like it would be so easy to wear with other things. Come payday I might find myself creeping towards it...

    And I like your idea of making crops that way! Versatile.

  11. Oh my god, I got so overexcited about your blog title. I love Rainbow Brite! It was my all time fav show as a kid!
    Anyway... you look amazing here. So jealous of your flat stomach! xx

  12. That jumper is pretty much perfect for Summer, I love how the different colours merge together. I love the blue contrasting with your hair too!
    I've been following your blog for a while on bloglovin, but now I've decided to make my own. It's to do with nail art and I know you are tremendously good at nail designs, they're amazing! xx

  13. Love the colours in that jumper!

  14. I love the jumper soo much! The colour is amazing :) and the tassel bag is amazing! Want! Xxxxx


  15. LOVE this jumper! Garnier gradual tan is my fave too, it looks really even and natural. The nail stickers in your last post are so cool, might have to get some myself!

  16. That jumper's a beauty, the colours really suit you xx

  17. That jumper is sooo cute!!!


  18. love how you've layered up the shorts, looks awesome! The jumper is really cute too, hah tucking tops into your bra is such a good idea! i may have to give that a go! :') xo