Tuesday 3 April 2012

Clynol sealed ends repair fluid*…

WHAT HAIR TRADE SAY: ‘Clynol Repair Caress Sealed Ends Serum helps seal and prevent split ends for weak, damaged or chemically treated hair whilst protecting against hair breakage. Leaves the hair smooth and glossy.’

WHAT I THINK: My hair is not exactly in the best condition. I haven’t had it cut in three years (pixie crop disaster) & I have dyed, bleached & heat damaged my hair non stop, so it’s no wonder the ends are so frazzled. This product has been a life saver.

I have tried various ‘repair’ products before & none have been as good as the Clynol sealed ends fluid. It really has seemed to have ‘repaired’ the ends of my hair to some extent. I know nothing can truly repair split ends (except for old fashioned scissors) but this product really has made the ends of my hair a lot smoother & look a lot healthier.

As long as I don’t use to much, it doesn’t weigh my hair down & it has never felt like I had ‘product’ in my hair which is plus because nobody likes crusty/gooey hair! Compared to all the oil based & other cream treatments I have tried in the past, the Clynol repair fluid really has been the best. I would totally recommend it if your hair is in need of a bit of ‘help’ (or if you are like me & just plain scared of the hairdressers) It really had made a big difference to my hair & I will definitely be looking into other Clynol ‘repair’ products!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Have you ever tried ant Clynol products before? What did you think?


  1. Love the jumper! Looks amazing with your hair colour :) xxx


  2. I need this product pronto, I have a fear of getting my hair cut too even though I'm a trained hairdresser, wierd huh?

    B xxx

  3. Whether it has or hasn't worked your hair is looking amazing!!! <3

    sweet monday
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  4. Your hair is amazing, gorgeous photo of you by the way darling

    Eda ♥


  5. I really need this, im the same. It hasn't been cut in years, ive died and heat damaged my hair so much it looks crap. Defiantly going to look out for this!


  6. This product sounds good! Have you ever tried morrocan oil? does a good job for me!
    Lots of LOVE

  7. Sounds good, I hate the feeling of having product in your hair! Love your jumper btw!

  8. I've tried their instant keratin filler and it's incredible! My hair is pretty damaged too from similar circumstances. I definitely will be checking this out, also Morrocan Oil is incredible to help soften brittle ends.

    I literally just dyed my hair back to it's 'natural' colour from copper, and after coming across your site it's made me miss it so much already aha.