Sunday, 6 May 2012


Ganesha top DIY’d into a dress: ebay
Studded flatform boots*: OASAP
Gold neck cuff: ebay

Firstly I want to say, don’t worry, I am infact wearing shorts under this t-shirt dress! *phew* Glad we got that out of the way ;) I actually wore this a few weeks ago, hence why these photos my seem familiar if you follow me on any of my other social networking platforms aka twitter/facebook/tumblr etc as I have it as my avatar… but anyway, now you can see it properly. I have had quite a few people asking me about where my ganesha tee is from & the answer is here>link & if you don’t like this exact one, they actually have loads of other beautiful designs to choose from.

Well, it’s that time of year again… the cosmo blog awards. It would be lovely if you could nominate me. As my blog is over a year old, I fall into the category of ‘established fashion blogger’ ;) Thank you if you already have & thanks in advance if you do!
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  1. Such a beaut :)
    I love the top, might have to pop over to that store and check out their other designs! x

  2. I like this outfit, very 'odd' in a great way, promise! also loving the choker style necklace xx

  3. This seems to be your theme now, i like it(:


  4. that is one AWESOME DIY ... love it

    Mel x

  5. Stunning! Really love that dress :)

  6. LOVE this! The dress is amazing! Might have to buy one for myself. I pretty much just want your wardrobe! xx

  7. This dress is amazing! Just checking out the ebay store to see what other goodies they have :) x

  8. Just came across your blog and I've been flicking through pages and pages, your sense of style is fantastic!

  9. Fantastic dress, love the print!

  10. Great blog!

    Could you take a minute to help me out by voting for my hat in a talent house competition, it would mean the world to me to have your support,

    To vote to go


    Thank you xx


  11. this dress is amazing, i love the shape of it and its such a cool print. i wish i could look at stuff like that and think "that would make a great dress" but i guess i just don't have the creativity. boo. you look lovely :) xx

  12. Why you so awesome.
    Love your blog
    Love this dress

    Beautiful as ever xxx

  13. wow just found your blog - your style in incredible - def following x

  14. Love how you've styled this!
    S xx

  15. Nice shirt! I am from Asia and I really love this look on you!